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And more importantly, why should you care?

At Astutely Obtuse, we try to remain somewhat anonymous.  We still have jobs, and the last thing we need is to be called into our boss' office to explain why we said that organizations with ill-defined project roles are fucking stupid.

We're snarky, mouthy, like to swear, and are full of unpopular opinions.

We started this site with the intention of talking about project work, shit that happens in corporate America, and trying to figure out what the fuck these scholarly articles actually fucking say.

We've branched out!  That's right fuckers, we're now talking about anything and fucking everything.  We made a lot of people mad and came to the conclusion that we can piss so many more people off if we spread our wings a bit, started ranting about other shit, shitting in people's Wheaties.   

With that, meet the contributing writers.


Jer:  Jer has a Master of Project Management degree with extensive project experience, working in many different roles across some of the most respected companies in the US.  He believes that being a project manager is much like being a modern-day Kassandra.  Forever cursed to tell brutally honest prophesies that no one believes.


Josh: Josh is our resident template creator and article fixer-upper.  Josh has a background in *checks notes* shit, what doesn't he have a background in?  He has a Master of Project Management, a Bachelor of Science in application integration, worked as a script doctor in Hollywood, and ran a mini Italian-style mob in grade school.  Our guess is he made a deal with the devil to become the most interesting man in the world.

Previous Contributors, Gone but Not Forgotten 

Christina: Christina is a Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  She doesn't swear much, but she's insightful and sarcastic, so we keep her around.  Christina is a former sous chef, that somehow made it out of the restaurant industry without a crippling addiction.  She accidentally fell into project management.  Her PM philosophy is that everyone deserves a place at the table, and everyone should have a voice.  Which only tells us that she's never met or worked with Travis (seriously, fuck that guy).


Mike: Mike is a former senior pastor turned product owner and corporate shill.  Mike grew up on Navy/Marine bases, so he likes to swear, which probably explains his sermon entitled "Unless you wanna be an asshole, don't be friends with fucking dicks," which he claimed is an eloquent way of saying bad company corrupts good character.  We've been told that Mike enjoys writing the most verbose user stories ever written and that he can spin any project issue into a homily.

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