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What's the Deal with Templates?

A thoughtfully created template can be the difference between chaos and order.  As project managers, our goal should be to create an environment where transitions between teams, project members, and clients are as smooth as possible.  In our exploration of templates, we will not only provide you with strategies to creating templates, but also a template that we have used in our own situations.

A note from your friendly assholes.  It was brought to our attention that some of the templates we have shared have been found on other template sites.  We're not too broken up by this.  We too have found a template that we had created nearly 15 years ago on a site claiming to have created it themselves (with bad grammar and all).  We are in no way monetizing these templates, we present them as a way of encouraging PMs to create their own, and begin to better document the projects they work on.  It kinda sucks, but oh well.

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