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Deep Thoughts, From Astutely Obtuse

Welcome to Astutely Obtuse, a blog focusing on project work.  We created A.O. to shine some light on the frustrating aspects of working on project teams.  And shine some light we did.  

If you are new here, we are just a few friends who see the frustrations that many have on project teams, and we decided to write about it.  You can expect strong language, memes, a lot of snark, and probably some pop-culture references that will be outdated by the time the article is published.

Our goal is to provide insight that can help prepare you to be a better PM, BA, PO, DVD, HD-DVD, BPH, QA, or any other combination of letters you can possibly think of.  

If you are a smartass and want to join our team, feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you. 

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Are you a project professional with anger management issues?

Do you find yourself saying "what the actual fuck" when sitting in stand-ups?

Tired of writing project charters because of the distinct lack of snark?

Are you ok not being paid?  Then become a contributing writer for Astutely Obtuse!

Please, I can't do this alone!

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