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Beyond Agile: Part... Uh... | The Pausening

So here we are again... bullshit lawsuits.

Since we've started this blog our monthly readership has exploded. It has been a very exciting time for us. In the early days, we pissed off some people who felt that the "your project team sucks" articles were about them, and they got really pissy about it. They threatened lawsuits, but never actually followed through with it. So we kept going.


Now, we've been hit with a copyright claim against the Beyond Agile series. Not from Forbes or Kurt Cagle, the author/publisher of the Studio Model article, on which our Theatre Model is based.

Instead, the threat comes from a copyright troll claiming copyright to the very idea of the theatre model. We know that you can't copyright an idea, but the cost to pursue it legally is prohibitively expensive. So, we're putting the series on pause for right now.

We've received quite a bit of hate because we dared challenge Agile and questioned why organizations would push for some to get a PMP, while others accidentally fall into a PM position. We even received hate for suggesting that organizations treat their employees with *checks notes* respect (shudders).

So sit tight, once our lawyer friends review the claim and provide us with direction, we will hopefully be back up and running.


Astutely Obtuse


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